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Hey guys, I have to tell you something about Wonderful Life comic.
It's just my lion interpretation of one of the books. I love this book so much that I had to draw it. Don't ask me please about the title, I won't tell. Thanks. 
♥ ART TRADES - currently closed

♥ COMMISSIONS - currently closed
- 5£ per character
- full color with shading and background
- A3 format
- payment on PayPal

All other informations avaible via private message :)
TLK comic 1 - Maisha's story is a continuation of :iconsavu0211: TLK comic. Savu knows about it.
A short description of Savu's comic for those who don't remember or didn't read: Zira and Scar had cubs, including Azra. Azra has a son named Kosa. He was Baridi's mate, an evil queen from North. Zira survived and traveled to Kosa and Baridi's pride and told her to steal royal cubs to control all prides. So one day Baridi stole Nuru and Kesar (twins of Kiara and Kovu). In Baridi's pride boys met Imara. Pridelanders started to search missing cubs and they met other kings and queens and they decided to go fight Baridi. Everything turned up fine, cubs returned to families (Imara too) but there was also a cubs which parents were killed. Pridelanders gave them new home (including Maisha, Kasa and Kweli, who are mine characters). Baridi is dead, Kosa, Azra and her sisters are alive and they live far away from Pridelands.
And: Kopa is also alive. He had a mate (Kosa's at first), who is dead (killed by Baridi's pride). He has a doughter named Adia, she lives in Kosa's pride, her new mother is Vitani. Kosa hates Kopa for taking away his mate, so Kopa observe Adia secretly.
Adia is a friend of Giza, a daughter of Kosa and Baridi.

Nuru, Kesar, Imara, Baridi (she's not in the comic, but they talk about her) - (c) :iconsavu0211:
Maisha, Kasa, Kweli, Imara's mother, bird Kodo - (c) me
Hani - (c) :iconsikudhanii:

I learn to draw lions, so I know that they aren't perfect. And I don't know english very well, so please let me know if I made some mistakes.



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